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10/28/2014 - Mercer

Mercer  will open for ticket assignment at noon on Tuesday, October 28 and will be open until Midnight Thursday, October 30.  No additions will be made to the list if you miss the deadline.

Players on the travel roster for the Mercer Game will receive 3 tickets each.  Players not on the trip will not receive tickets.

Please note the following information from Mercer University:

We wanted to welcome your institution/guests to Mercer this weekend and make sure they’re aware of all rules/regulations of our stadium and some of our policies.  Below is a link that has the rules and regulations for our stadium, which is very useful.!page4/cfvg

 Just a few things to let your guests know:

 1)            Please have a VALID PHOTO ID per NCAA rules – we are very strict on this and cannot let guests in without this.

2)            We have a strict no re-entry policy.

3)            No umbrellas or folding chairs. 

4)            No smoking.

5)            Pass List Comp Ticket tent is on the visitors (east) side of our stadium, near the tennis courts. 

6)            Pass List Comp Ticket tent opens at 2:30 p.m. (which is the same time as the gates for the stadium). 

 Again, we look forward to hosting your team.


If you have trouble logging in, please let Al Buddin know by email at

If you are currently ineligible, you will not receive tickets.  Please see the compliance office in regards to eligibility questions.